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High Performance Wings

Do you want a cost effective way to add downforce to your vehicle?
Dynamic Aero Solutions are offering an array of high performance rear wings which are now available with the following features:
  • Available as single, double or triple element arrangements  
  • CFD optimised maximising aerodynamic efficiency for hatchbacks, sedans and coupes
  • Pre-preg carbon-fibre construction, structurally verified with FEA, minimising mass
  • Available as swan or end mounted with variable spans & gurney heights
  • Reconfigurable assembly allowing additional elements to be added in the future
  • Legal for all WTAC classes and Sports Sedans, suitable for all road and track vehicles.
We are available, and willing, to assist in selecting the most appropriate wing assembly, span and gurney arrangement for your vehicle and category.
The Triple Element Wing is most suitable for high powered cars were maximum downforce is a necessity.
The Double Element Wing is the best compromise between downforce and top speed. 
The Single Element Wing provides the most efficient downforce option, maximising top speed.
Contact us by email or phone for an obligation free quote.
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