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CFD Development

Do you want to optimise the aerodynamic design of your vehicle in a cost-effective manner? Do you want to gain insight in how wind direction may affect the aerodynamics of the car? Do you want to ensure that you obtain the maximum aerodynamic benefit in real life conditions? 
At Dynamic Aero Solutions, we have established high quality CFD models that have repeatedly demonstrated their suitability to developing an aerodynamic package for a vehicle in a cost effective manner. After conducting a 3D scan of your vehicle, CFD models can be used to predict the airflow around it and the aerodynamic forces that will be generated. Geometry can be easily modified, and the simulation repeated, to determine what impact this would have on the aerodynamic performance. CFD models allow the flow around the vehicle to be visualised ensuring that development is strategically targeted. The results from CFD can be fed into a driver in the loop simulator allowing you to drive your vehicle before it is built. CFD models also allow conditions that occur in real life to be reproduced, such as cross winds and cornering, conditions that are likely to negatively impact the aerodynamic performance of your vehicle if not considered. 
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