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Dr. Sammy Diasinos


With a passion for automotive aerodynamics, Dr Sammy Diasinos from a very early age had decided to pursue a career at the pinnacle of motorsport. In order to develop his experience and skills to achieve this goal, he studied Aerospace Engineering degree at UNSW graduating in 2002 with honours, while also been actively involved with the Universities solar car team.


To further enhance his knowledge of experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), he undertook a PhD investigating the aerodynamic interaction of a downforce producing wing and a wheel. This was coupled with assisting several locally based racing car teams that were competing in F4000 and the Konica Series (V8 development) at the time.


An opportunity to join the Toyota F1 team in Cologne Germany as a Junior CFD Engineer was enthusiastically accepted in 2007. Development highlights during the three year period with Toyota included; a front wing which was far less sensitive to steer for the TF108 and the TF109 front wing with slotted endplates which was eventually adopted by all other teams competing in F1.


Upon Toyota’s decision to withdraw from F1, Dr Diasinos joined the Williams F1 team which was located in Oxfordshire England for the 2010 season as a Senior CFD Engineer where he was responsible for a group of CFD engineers. This was then followed by an offer to be the Head of CFD Development for 2011 at the Caterham F1 team where he also took the role of Wind Tunnel Special Projects Group Leader in 2012. While with Caterham, Dr Diasinos was involved with the development of Coanda exhausts, enhancement of DRS capability and was also responsible for introducing Particle Image Velocimetry to the Caterham aerodynamics department.


Coinciding with Caterham’s decision to move, Dr Diasinos returned to Sydney Australia where he has being undertaking several consultancy projects. This has included providing aerodynamic and design advice for the UNSW Solar Car, Sunswift eVe which went on to take line honours for the cruiser class at the 2013 World Solar Challenge and also the FIA land speed record for the fastest electric vehicle to complete a distance of 500km.


Dr  Diasinos has a wealth of international experience and an abundance of enthusiasm for developing aerodynamic solutions for a large variety of vehicles with a unique blend of experimental, numerical and on track testing experience that your project could benefit from


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