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Aerodynamic Performance Evaluation

Are you considering enhancing the aerodynamics’ of your vehicle but are unsure of what the benefit might be? Do you need to understand what level of aerodynamic enhancement is required to achieve your performance aspirations? Do you have aerodynamic data for your vehicle but unsure how to extract the maximum benefit for your application?
Dynamic Aero Solutions has the ability to model your vehicle and evaluate the potential gains that can be achieved by altering the downforce, drag or aerodynamic balance. This can be achieved by utilising theoretical models that take into consideration the track and vehicle characteristics to predict a lap time that can be achieved when the aerodynamic performance is adjusted. A further enhancement on the theoretical models is the driver in the loop simulator. This tool allows you to actually drive your vehicle in a simulation before and after aerodynamic characteristics are altered allowing you to evaluate the significance of the change being proposed or what variation is required to achieve your desired gain. These tools ensure that when you consider enhancing the aerodynamic performance of your vehicle, you can quantify the potential benefit from doing so before making the necessary investment.
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