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"He turned out to be a very pivotal part of the whole equation. His name was Sammy or more correctly Dr Sammy Diasinos." Rod Pobestek, car owner of RP968.
Winning 2nd place at the 2016 & 2017 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) aerodynamic considerations were at the forefront for this project during its design and build. After obtaining a 3D scan of a Porsche 968, the full extent of the World Time Attack Challenge regulations was explored by Dynamic Aero Solutions. We conducted over 300 CFD iterations of the bodywork to refine the diffuser, rear wing, under floor, front splitter and canard geometries before providing CAD models to manufacture the composite components. The CFD model was used to also predict the loading that each component would experience. Additionally, CFD data was critical to develop a driver in the loop simulator allowing drag, efficiency and balance targets to be set as well as an initial aerodynamic setup. This was conducted in conjunction with Envirage, who were responsible for designing all the mechanical systems in the vehicle. Extensive on track measurements have confirmed the aerodynamic performance predicted by the CFD simulations and demonstrated that RP968 can generate more downforce than a F1 car!
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